Classical Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance)

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is a beautiful and internationally recognised ballet syllabus. Classes are full of fun and creativity and is specifically designed to nurture your child’s development and confidence through musicality, mime, expression and creativity. Classes are available for boys and girls from Pre-Primary to Advanced levels and have the opportunity to participate in annual examinations or class awards. Students enrolled in ballet will develop a better understanding of posture, poise and strength while developing confidence and self-esteem. 


Baby Ballerinas (Royal Academy of Dance)

Baby Ballerinas is a fun and creative introduction to the basics of dance for girls and boys 3-5 years. Through the use of movement, mime and props, children are encouraged to use their imagination while learning many skills such as co-ordination, motor skills, musicality, rhythm and concentration. Students are also introduced to the basic elements of classical ballet while creating new friendships and gaining confidence.



Contemporary dance draws on both classical and modern dance and offers the dancer emotional freedom and expression through abstract movement. Learn to counter-balance, transition safely to and from the floor through movement, and explore new ways to move the body. Students also incorporate Lyrical dance into these classes which is characterized by fluidity and grace, with turns, seamless transitions and jumps often performed to music with inspirational lyrics.


Tap (Glenn Wood Tap)

A fun, rhythmical, energetic form of dance encouraging both musicality and co-ordination. Tap builds on a percussive style that can accentuate rhythms or make music of its own. Our studio teaches the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus which teaches an excellent technical base in a relaxed, enjoyable way. Students may commence Tap classes from the age of 5 onwards and examinations are optional and offered annually.


Senior Jazz

This class is an advanced jazz level class and continues to build on the student’s technique while providing a fun program that promotes fitness and flexibility. Students are beginning to perform choreography in a professional manner that is innovative and entertaining using various styles such as Broadway, Hip Hop, Cabaret, Prop Work and Street Jazz.


Junior Jazz

An exciting and energetic style of dance for all ages that combines popular music with strong dynamic movement. Students develop the technique required to turn, leap, kick and participate in floor work, as well as combining all of these into fantastic routines. Your child will benefit from an enjoyable dance experience where emphasis is placed on having fun and learning together in a happy and positive environment. Examinations are not taken in this dance style.


Adult Classes

Adult classes are a fun and supportive way to improve fitness, strength, flexibility and co-ordination. We offer you a place to indulge your love of dance, whether you’re a complete beginner, had a long break from dance or danced all your life. Our classes offer specific adult syllabus in Classical Ballet or Tap styles and our philosophy is that you are never too old to dance and it’s never too late to start!