Our School

Desley Donaldson Ballet Academy was established in 1973 and has developed into a very successful and highly regarded provider of quality dance education in Brisbane. We offer a wide variety of dance styles for all ages and abilities, while providing a friendly, welcoming, family environment. Whether learning for fun or seeking a career in dance, all students are given every opportunity to achieve, and are encouraged to perform to their greatest potential.

Children of all ages benefit greatly from such wonderful interaction with each other through dance and learn that they can do great things if they use their minds and bodies.  With this, comes an increased level of concentration and self-esteem as well as an enhanced sense of overall grooming, and carriage of the body. Children as young as 3, will learn to relate movement to music, enhancing their rhythm, co-ordination and appreciation of music itself.  Freedom of movement and use of imagination is very important and is encouraged from a very early age.

Whether children enrol in dance classes for pleasure or a possible career path, the simple joy of learning to dance provides your child with the opportunity to make new friends and learn one of the most rewarding art forms.